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FS Oneshot: My Soul Has Tasted of the Grapes 
10th-Oct-2016 05:11 pm
My Soul Has Tasted of the Grapes
by Jesterlady
Rating: PG
Summary: In light of her new position as Moya's guardian, Zhaan must make amends with Pilot before she can truly be so
Disclaimer: I don't own Farscape. The title is by Charles Hadden Spurgeon,
A/N: The reason for this fic is that I was so furious at the end of 1x9 DNA Mad Scientist. When the episode ended and they didn't acknowledge that cutting off Pilot's arm was wrong, I was seething. I immediately wanted to write this, fixing it, showing Zhaan at least apologizing, since I felt she should know better. However, I kept watching the show and I realized that this show was different. It's not human and the aliens therein have their own morals/culture. So I let it be and once I watched the Princess trilogy, realized that this would be a more appropriate time for Zhaan to express remorse.


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