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FS Oneshot: In All Our Yesterdays 
3rd-Nov-2016 09:43 pm
Title: In All Our Yesterdays
by Jesterlady
Pairing: John/Aeryn
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Pilot's den is good for secret meetings
Disclaimer: I don't own Farscape.
A/N: You guys all love it, too, when John and Aeryn cuddle together in Pilot's den, right? So once they secretly get back together in S4, that's the perfect place for them to meet up. This was mainly borne out of a desire for Aeryn to tell John more about her time with the other Crichton on Talyn and also because I know some people think it's explained, but I think the whole Stark storyline got majorly dropped in S3. Just wanted to remind people it existed. Also, John thinking about his daughter gives me feels.


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