Dr. FahKingNut - ZEN of the DUCK (fahkingnut) wrote in scapers,
Dr. FahKingNut - ZEN of the DUCK

It's SciFi!

Are you like me? Did the name change of the SciFi Channel rub you the wrong way? Still can't “get over it?” Does their bastardization of the genre SciFi make you want to bitch-slap someone every time their new logo flashes on the TV screen? Then this is the place for you.

While I am the creator of this community I believe that there many out there with an equal or stronger drives than myself in this matter, I just beat them to the punch.

I envision this community as a place where like minded people will exchange ideas and formulate plans on how to best intelligently communicate that this misplaced marketing idea should be abandoned. None of the greats wrote SyFy, they wrote SciFi and were damn proud of it!

It's SciFi and the geeks that consume it that truly breathe life into it and the idiots at that Channel need to be reminded of this fact!

Thank you for your time.

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